Secondary Interest Purchases


Secondary Interest Purchases

Institutional and private investor commitments to private equity funds have grown significantly in the last several years due to private equity’s superior return and diversification characteristics. However, the illiquid nature of private equity interests limits investors’ options when their needs change.

Sophisticated investors seek to sell their private equity interests to:

• Meet changing cash and liquidity circumstances
• Obtain release from continuing funding obligations
• Rebalance a portfolio to conform to asset allocation targets
• Redirect resources to more strategic needs
• Focus on a smaller number of investment managers
• Respond to a changed view of a fund’s prospects or the fund managers
• Divest non-core assets obtained as peripheral assets in larger transactions
• Conform to regulatory changes
• Eliminate the overhead and cost associated with private equity investment management



...when your needs change.


Sellers of secondary interests view MidCoast Capital as a preferred purchaser because:

• As managers of private equity funds and direct investments for over twenty years we have an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the private equity world, making for a faster, easier transaction for the seller.
• We are discreet and can accomplish our due diligence quickly and with a minimum of involvement from the general partners of the fund and the seller. We enjoy the respect, and access, that comes with being long-time peers to private equity fund managers.
• We customize transaction structures to meet the needs of the seller – many purchasers will only consider an outright purchase. We and our clients represent a wide range of investment size ranges, making both large and small purchases of interest to us.

We welcome inquiries regarding the sale of existing partnership interests and will treat all such inquiries with the strictest confidentiality.

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